Those on the spectrum often have hyperacoustic hearing. This said, anxiety sets in which often couples with fear. I have two suggestions to overcome fireworks and other loud noises. You might try creating a social story on fireworks, and then showing fireworks visually, perhaps on a laptop or personal device. I would make sure to get custom-made noise-reducing earplugs. We purchased ours through ENTECH; they’re custom-made and can be created at an audiologist. It is cost-effective and works well. I would pair this with the noise-reducing headphones; currently we are using Beats. Do not force your children to watch fireworks because this will only add to the problem. We have tried going into a restaurant that was soundproof and watching them from there—this sparked my son’s curiosity and he was able to tolerate the visual portion of the fireworks. If you’re at a place like Disney World with fireworks happening on a daily basis, exit the park at least one hour before the fireworks start. These are my suggestions, and have a wonderful day.

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