As I’ve grown stronger as a mother and advocate for my child, our life is less social. I’m much more cautious and worried. My oldest son has felt that he doesn’t get the life he deserves as a teen and has decided to live with his father and I don’t blame him, as I can understand the tremendous weight this life has on you. Many people will see it and feel it as a burden at times, I know I have plenty of times and felt very bitter. However, my son with autism is a blessing.

I could have been a completely different person; not as strong, not as fierce, not as bold, not as kind, not as understanding, not as educated, not as open minded, not as loving…had my son with autism not come along I would not have been a better version of myself and for that I’m very thankful to him. I’m very thankful to God to be given such a pure soul to watch and protect here on Earth.

Re NeeComment