People with Autism

Having a loved one with autism enriches my life by letting me see life in a brand new way. It makes me more open to new experiences and more in touch with my senses. It makes me more aware of everyone's differences but not in a bad aspect but as how every one of us is unique in our own way.

How has my life changed since my son was has changed tremendously. We finally had a name and diagnoses for the behaviors and speech impairments our son had. It allowed us as his parents to finally research and know a bit more how to properly help our son. It also allowed us to get him the services he needed like behavioral services and different therapies that are all beneficial to him in their own way. It also allowed us to better his education by allowing for an IEP that helped put things in place to help him with his speech and behaviors and things that just helped make school a little easier and more adapted to our son's ways of learning. It has also let me gain a new network of friends on social media that are very understanding and non judgmental about me needing to vent about things that have been difficult for my son and myself because they themselves are autism parents and deal with the same day to day struggles as I do myself.

People with autism have a great deal of cognitive ability. They are very smart in their own unique ways. They will surprise you at times with the knowledge they possess.

People with autism have emotions they just may not show them in the traditional way that we are usually used to. Their emotions are expressed through their behaviors.

People with autism can understand you even though they may not show any sign that they can. They are extremely good listeners so you would be surprised what they know and understand from what you have said to them.

People with autism, for the most part, do know they have autism while some others do not. They know autism makes them different but not in a bad way in a very special unique one of a kind way.

People with autism are not all the same, hence why they call autism a “spectrum disorder.” This means that the effects of autism are worse for some than others. Some are nonverbal while others are verbal. Some are able to use the toilet on their own and some require pull-ups. Some have no issues in school and are very bright while others have significant issues in school and require several adaptations to help them through school. They are all different and all unique and one of a kind no person with autism is the same.

Autism does not just affect the brain. It affects all aspects of their daily lives. It affects their speech, their motor skills, their ability to learn new things, their memory, and their social life. Also, their ability to live independently. So you see it does not just affect their brain.