Our Mission:


We provide an early notification for parents who have a child with Autism by predicting when a meltdown may occur. 


Our Mission

By empowering parents with an early notification system, we can help prevent, mitigate, or decrease the frequency of meltdowns for children with autism. A meltdown is defined as an intense response to overwhelming situations.


Our Impact

We are solving three main issues identified by parents who have a child with Autism.

  • Allowing parents to understand what bothers their child and may trigger a meltdown
  • Preventing their child from harming themselves or others around during a meltdown
  • Avoiding emotionally exhaustive experiences for both the parent and the child

1 in 68

Number of U.S. children identified with autism 



increase in prevalence of autism among U.S. children from 2000 to 2010 


$61 B

Cost of Autism services for U.S. children annually



Brent Chase (CEO) and his team have developed a promising new technology as the basis for building their startup company. I was very impressed by the integrity, dedication, discipline, and talent of the team members as they progressed from idea to pitch ready, and I look forward to helping them grow their business.

Neil Kleinberg, CEO and Founder of DiliVer, LLC