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We are working tirelessly to create a smart shirt that predicts meltdowns for individuals with Autism.

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There’s a problem in the ASD community: Meltdowns.

What is a meltdown?

When children with ASD have a Meltdown... the consequences can be physically and emotionally harmful. Constant monitoring of triggers and the recurrence of the meltdowns becomes emotional exhaustive. Not to mention the damage that they can cause to caregivers, bystanders, and ones property.

Our Impact

We are solving three main issues identified by parents who have a child with Autism.

  • Allowing parents to understand what bothers their child and may trigger a meltdown

  • Preventing their child from harming themselves or others around during a meltdown

  • Avoiding emotionally exhaustive experiences for both the parent and the child


1 in 59

Number of U.S. children identified with autism 



increase in prevalence of autism among U.S. children from 2000 to 2010 


$61 B

Cost of Autism services for U.S. children annually



“Brent Chase (CEO) and his team have developed a promising new technology as the basis for building their startup company. I was very impressed by the integrity, dedication, discipline, and talent of the team members as they progressed from idea to pitch ready, and I look forward to helping them grow their business.”

Neil Kleinberg, CEO and Founder of DiliVer, LLC